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“I regret taking energy consultancy services” – no business owner said ever!

YOU and your MONEY are our major focus. Everything we do is for you! From saving your money on energy bills to going into energy markets and shopping around the best available deals for you. We negotiate the prices and bring the most affordable costs at your company’s doorstep. No matter, you own a small and medium enterprise or you run a huge corporate business, we have got tips for energy saving for EVERYONE! When you are running a successful business but a loophole that drains away your money is a truckload of energy bills. That’s the moment when you really need to contact a professional energy consultant. Wondering why an energy consultant?

Energy bill reduction

Energy bill reduction is only possible when you know the key to reducing your energy consumption and can identify the areas where energy is being consumed massively. Hence, you can devise some new ways to overcome these issues and be energy efficient. But this is not feasible for YOU to carry on your business plus, manage energy saving. Here comes the need of taking bill reduction services. Believe it or not, this would be the best investment ever you’d make for your enterprise. LO Energy Savings LTD is an energy consultancy service company offering procurement, account management and renewable energy consultancy. We are the most reliable energy-saving company. As we have dealt with thousands of companies and have saved them millions by reducing their energy bills.

Energy saving tips

We made it happen by our energy saving tips and kind consultancy. We are compassionate and empathetic and this is why we are the most credible servers for your energy-saving issues.   We are not in this business for a year or so. Because we have spent more than a decade helping clients flourish by saving their money. Be it your gas consumption or electricity usage, we have a plausible solution for you. As we have been serving in the field for 15 years, we have got sufficient knowledge of the do’s and don’ts. Our aim is to guide you the BEST and serve you the BEST. We help you develop by giving a strategy and structuring your energy usage in an energy-efficient way.

Energy Consultancy

Being energy efficient has become a must in the business world. In order to strengthen your business and save your revenue, you need to work with professional consultants to help you out and deal with the energy sector. When we say consultancy, we are supposed to help you with your every concern. We will answer your every How, Why, Where and When. We would guide you to identify opportunities to reduce consumption. We will tell you about operational, behavioral and maintenance issues and for sure, will provide you with the technical solutions. Giving you awareness about the reduction of energy usage is our intention. If you require a constructive strategy no worries, we will assess your existing situation, determine your preferences and will offer a comprehensive strategy by keeping the most effective energy factors in mind.

100% Renewable Energy Solutions

We not only give you a guideline about your energy-related issues and bring the best deals BUT we specialize in renewable energy. Hence, we can confidently give you 100% renewable energy solutions. When it is all about “going green” and cutting the cost, you can totally rely on renewable energy solutions. When you care about the environment and want to make your consumption greener, we come up with more passion and affection to you with the solutions.

The Best Energy Deals For You

We believe in being compassionate towards our clients and providing them with ease through our services. Therefore, we take the responsibility of finding out the best energy deals in the energy industry on our shoulders. We examine the available deals by ourselves and only bring the most suitable ones for you.

We can help you from the initial feasibility studies
to the installation procedure and can also assist:

Our goal here is to increase energy efficiency and reduce the cost while extenuating the environmental impact. Saving money and energy both in one go. That’s so cool and caring! Love saving money? So do we. Let’s join hands and get started.

100% Renewable Energy Solutions

Working out how much energy is being produced or can be produced

Giving energy efficiency advice

Giving you awareness about Green Energy policies and carbon reduction

Recommending renewable energy solutions

Doing estimates of all tariffs

About Us

We at LO Energy Savings LTD, work on your behalf to lower your electricity and gas bills. Saving your business, time and money are our priorities. We endeavor to grant YOU the full control to your energy consumption. We care for YOU, your BUSINESS and above all OUR ENVIRONMENT – the environment we all share! We strive to nurture a sense of responsibility when it comes to using energy resources. Whether your business is a small organization, a school, hotel, hospital, factory or a large corporation, it is a matter of indifference for us. We deal with ALL, be it a small or a huge business.

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The process and steps used to obtain energy supplies and contracts on reasonable and legit cost are known as procurement services. 

Electric Procurement

We all are facing energy gap and it’s not any area specifics problem, in fact, it is a global issue. No business can grow larger with loads and loads of energy bills. 

Gas Procurement

We will help you get the just-right, comprehensive and relatively affordable quote for your business. 

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