The process and steps used to obtain energy supplies and contracts on reasonable and legit cost are known as procurement services. Though negotiating the energy supplies is complex and hard but we at, LO Energy Savings LTD undertake this responsibility of navigating and bringing the leading services for you.

Negotiating the economical price for the energy products and services is a daunting task and not everyone is good at it. Resultantly, the cost of energy consumption increases. This is the core reason why professional procurement services are the need of the time for every business out there.

Every leading business firm has to avail expert procurement services. Many have signed up with the professional procurement service providers and are enjoying the perks. On the contrary, many others are still looking forward to getting in touch with the service providers and take an initiative. As a result of the global market conditions and growing needs of businesses, the significance of energy procurement services can not be denied. LO Energy savings LTD is an expert in the field of energy services. Our procurement services range from the evaluation of supply proposals, fetching the best reasonable price and energy deals for you, development of energy procurement and risk management strategies.

The companies utilizing our procurement services are assisted with the latest procurement technologies, extensive coverage and fair prices at energy goods.

But wait, are you thinking that why your company needs a procurement process and professional services?

Simply, there are many good reasons for it. Firstly, it will save massive amounts of your money. Secondly, not every firm can manage an internal procurement department. Hence, the hired procurement service providers will work wonders for them. Plus, it will cost less, work better and save from the hassle of setting up an internal procurement department.

There are many benefits of getting procurement services. But just to mention a few of them, we can say you will get a quick and accurate analysis of the total amount you spend on energy. By analysing your expenditure it would become easier to determine your budget and thus, you can make the best use of industry practices.

Moreover, by thoroughly understanding the required energy load for your firm and comparing it with the amount of consumption, necessary changes can be implemented. We are an experienced company helping our clients manage their energy portfolios efficiently for over 15 years.

Electric Procurement

We all are facing energy gap and it’s not any area specifics problem, in fact, it is a global issue. No business can grow larger with loads and loads of energy bills. The day by day rising energy bills exert pressure on your business. With the surging energy gaps and the downfall, the demand for the electricity increases but the supply can’t meet the requirements. On the other hand, renewable energy sources are also not capable of fulfilling the surging needs. This causes the energy costs to hit the roof. Therefore, business holders struggle to keep control of the cost and manage the energy portfolio. So, in this regard, we offer you our hand to ease your discomfort. We, with our vast experience, help you to analyse your accurate energy needs and getting the right solution to fit in your organisation.

Gas Procurement

We will help you get the just-right, comprehensive and relatively affordable quote for your business. As we have access to a wide range of gas suppliers and we are sure, we will get a proper match for your business. Which not only will suit your requirements but will be of great benefit for you. Plus, you will have all the freedom of making a comparison of the expenditure with your current cost. We won’t just present a plan and leave you in the middle of nowhere, but we will play our part by offering practical advice and recommending the favorable contract type and length.

Renewable Energy

When we confront massive energy gaps then there is no other way than relying on renewable energy. But the complication here is the finiteness of the energy resources such as coal, oil, gas and fossil fuels. These resources turn out to be more than expensive. On the contrast, some sources like sunlight and wind are renewable and there is no concern regarding running out of them. We have 100% expertise in dealing with renewable energy resources. We have the proficiency of making you energy efficient by cutting your costs and making you energy independent with renewable resources. Energy Account Management Energy accounting is a system of analysing, measuring and reporting energy management on different activities on a regular basis. The main reason for doing so is to improve energy efficiency and to keep a check on the impact of energy consumption on the environment. Yes, we offer energy accounting services and even negotiate prices for you but what you folks may not know is, we also offer energy account management. When we say, we will manage your energy accounts that means, we take the responsibility of taking care of your all financial energy needs on our shoulders. Though the energy account management services we provide are unique for every business. So, what your set of services include is generally based on the conversation we have about you and your business at the start. This very conversation leads us to the bespoke package of services you will need. In most cases, certain needs appear that you might not even have thought about them as a requirement. We provide every comprehensive service which covers every factor of your business requirements to maintain your business energy accounts and keep every thing in good order. Hence, we formulate the package you exactly need and what suits you and your organisation the best. The services we generally provide are:

Contract negotiations

We negotiate the considerable energy contracts for you at the economical prices. Since we believe in transparency, the contracts and the deals are kept straightforward. In this contract negotiation, we cater to the import and export of electricity and gas. We check the bills, statements and also generate invoices on your behalf. Consequently, you get free from all this hassle. We not only take you out of the hassle but also take care of your business like our own.

Reporting and Rebilling

Reporting is the heart of account management. We will present you the summary of the information you need in an intuitive format. Whether you need a financial summary, consumption report or the cost, we will maintain all the record. However, how frequent you wish to be reported, you decide! We can also help you make deals. If you tend to sell energy to users, we can work for you in making the right agreements and get you the expected prices.


We know the government policies about Feed-in-Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentives. Because we are very well aware of the rules so, we give you surety of maintaining the flow of your income as it is. To keep you away from any kind of annoyance we will retain your accreditation on track, submit periodic data and of all the queries.

Invoice validation

We provide invoice validation service as well. What we do while invoice validation is, checking every data item of your energy supply services and identifying erroneous invoices. If any of the invoices does not fulfil our account validation mandates, we send it back to the energy suppliers and request for an amended invoice. We repeat the validation process again and verify the exactness so that your organisation does not overpay for the false invoices.

Payment Advice

After we double check your invoices and find everything on the track, we send payment advice to your account department. The motive of sending the advice is to protect you from making excessive payments to the energy suppliers plus, cutting your energy costs.

Tariff Validation

“Tariff” is a term used in energy sector and often misquoted Outside the industry as “contract price”. Actually the tariff is the pricing structure used to charge for the energy on different basis. This may include on the basis of consumption, time of the day, seasonal and capacity prerequisites of a site. We undergo a tariff validation process to make sure that your business is using the most economical tariff.


CCL, CHPQA, EU, ETS or CRC whatever scheme may apply to you. We are there for you to support. It’s our responsibility to make sure that your installations are fully law-abiding as we also manage your data returns for your benefit.

Customers Support

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